Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ratchet enjoying a good back scratch...

Ratchet is the lowest ranking natal male in North clan, but he enjoys coming to the den to visit the cubs and have a good roll in the dirt of course! Emily and I were impressed with his good balance.

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Scissors MacGillicutty said...

He looks like one happy hyena—and a handsome one too. I'm actually bit surprised that he's the lowest ranking natal male, as his ears are in such good shape. I was under the impression one can get a rough idea of a hyena's standing in their clan from the condition of their ears, as tugging and biting a subordinate hyena's ear is a favorite way of enforcing/reminding the subordinate of its status (or so I've come to believe—is that my mistake right there?)
Question: are there any known cases of male hyenas staying with the clan they're born into for life? Related to that: are there any known cases of a male mating with/having offspring by a female where both parents have been born into the same clan?
My thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences with and knowledge of these fascinating (and beautiful!) animals.

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