Sunday, September 23, 2012

Elephant Roadblock

Dear Elephants,
Look, I get it. You're huge. So huge in fact, that you can stop traffic and prevent cars like my own from going a certain way.

That's OK, I'm familiar with your ways. In fact when training new researchers on driving through roundabouts in Nairobi, I always say, "cars in the roundabout always have the right of way, unless they're bigger than you." Same rules must apply in the Mara too, I guess.

Point taken.
Elephants: 1
David: 0

At any rate, I'm glad to see you're back in the Mara after your exodus to avoid the migration.



dee said...

Thanks for posting, even if you can't write a chapter, it's nice to see some photos and see what you guys are up to.

Anne Engh said...

Enjoy it. You can't use the excuse of elephants blocking the road in the States. And it's a lot less picturesque to be stuck behind a semi.

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