Thursday, April 15, 2010

The life story of a hyena

This link is to a Slate web article that my boyfriend sent me. Not sure how he found it before any of us.


Leslie said...

Hey Kenna--Dan just told me he saw on Facebook that Juno has had cubs?!?!?! You should write a post about that--I'm not 100% sure (check with Kay), but that might be a new record. Helios was 26 months old when she popped out her first little guys, and by my count Juno's only 24 months. Well done, Juno!!! Anything updates on whether Loki or Juno is dominant? That was an ongoing debate between Sean and me. It's funny she has cubs...last fall she kept trying to get baited, but none of the guys would take her seriously. I guess one finally did! :) Very exciting.

Anonymous said...

Is this blog or lab on Facebook? Where can I become a Fan?

Michigan State University | College of Natural Science