Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So you say it's dusty...

You know I tell a lot of people that it's dusty where we study striped hyenas in Shompole, Kenya but really... no one gets it. People say, "oh yeah I saw a dust devil on the road once, it was huge." I just sigh, there's really no pressing the issue without visual evidence. So without further ado:


Still want to visit?


Katy said...

Great video, Joey. Really captures Shompole :)

dp said...

Does all turn to mud when it starts to rain?

Joey said...

You bet. Look for my follow up story: "So you say it's muddy..."

Anonymous said...

Hey Joey,

Love the video...especially with that tune. Now you need to add some sort of 40 degree C factor to the dust images.


Thessalonika said...


I have a couple videos of the puppies...tiny little guys stirring up a ton of dust...

How ARE the puppies?

How are the stripes?


Joey said...

Pups are good. Stripes are good too.

Bucket and Monster will no doubt reproduce some day soon leading to some sort of two-headed monster dog with the intelligence of a goldfish, but alas... these things happen.

They do well, however, chase baboons everyday.

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