Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You asked for it

A while back we asked for name suggestions for Gucci's new cubs, which need to be named after Italian foods. We received a lot of comments and great names. After much deliberation we decided to go with Gelato and Alfredo. I rarely pass by a gelato store without buying a scoop or two, sometimes even going back for seconds. Alfredo speaks for itself also. Here is a first look at one of the cubs. The day after getting this photo the cubs were moved to the communal den, which is hidden in the bushes, so we haven't seen them much in the past week.

Last week we discovered a new communal den for the Fig Tree clan. The alpha female for this clan has been hanging around the new den a lot and acting a bit strange, as new mothers sometimes do. Today we got our first look at her new cubs! Her lineage is Tolkien places (aka places from the Lord of the Rings series) Rohan has already been used. My first thought was Mordor. To balance out Mordor, the other cub will be named Gondor. For those not familiar with the Lord of the Rings, Mordor is the land of evil and Gondor is the home some of the good guys in the books. We don't know yet which cub will be dominant, so it will be interesting to see whether good or evil dominates in the duo!

"I said gimme some milk mom!"

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Katy said...

Love Fig Tree Dens-they're always out in the open!

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