Monday, August 18, 2008


Since the lion encounter, the Happy Zebra Clan (named for the thousands of contented zebra coming and going in their territory) is back to normal. Although visits from lions often cause hyenas to jump ship and move to a different den, this clan has decided to stick it out. Hyenas definitely don't deserve their cowardly reputation! The females at the den remain vigilant, but otherwise, I haven't witnessed any aftermath.

Archer (note the huge notch in her left ear - she's very easy to identify!) is still a constant fixture at the den. Only cubs are small enough to fit inside the tunnels, but Archer backs up as far in as she can, with only her head sticking out! This allows cubs to nurse safely inside the den, so it's pretty good evidence that she's got very young babies that just aren't quite old enough to venture out yet. Any day now, I hope!

All seems to be well on the Happy Zebra plains.


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